What Everyone Saying About SNAKE PLANT...

What Everyone Saying About SNAKE PLANT

Sansevieria trifasciata is a distinctive variety of cylindrical. Mature plants are shorter, more streamlined with an almost stubby appearance. Very attractive in smaller pots when exhibited on a credenza in a complimenting cosmetic container. Cylindrical plants possess a slow, upward growth with rigid leaves which may become approximately 4 tall having a spread of 1 foot. The leaves are circular, approximately 1 inch thick and taper progressively into a stage. Every leaf has many shallow stations running from the base of the plant into the tip. The leaves also have crossbands of green. In the right conditions, it could grow a 3 legs long shoot with 1-inch flowers. 

As the leaves mature and based upon the light they arch to create a graceful spray. The plant is portrayed by a fan shape which has stiff, dark green leaves. Flower spikes are seen on older plants in the leaf base. These grow clusters of green, white blossoms which have a tubular form and could be tinted with a few shades of pink. There is a nice fragrance of these blossoms and at times bear little berry about 0.4 oranges and long red in color. Cylindrical is very light tolerant. When growing as an indoor plant, put it in a place with filtered bright light. 

A north-facing north or sheer curtained windows are perfect locations. It'll also be able to mature in lower light places, but the colors will not be bright, nor will it flower properly. When climbing, it is best placed in a partly shaded, bright location, but will grow in full sunlight. Some shade will make the cylindrical leaves grow in a more vertical position for a better appearance. Ideal temperatures for Cylindrical Snake Plant are between 65 into 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can handle fluctuations in room temperatures, but anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit could be too much for this plant to handle. 

While this plant tolerates dry air, too much can be damaging so you need to take care not to put it too close to defend it from air vents and drafts. This drought-tolerant plant doesn't need a lot of water. Water thoroughly whilst the plant is growing and let this potting mix into almost dry out before watering again. Once a plant is established, you can wait even longer before watering. Once every other week should be sufficient. Be cautious to not overwater as it may cause root rot. And getting too much water on this leaf may also cause them to stop growing. 

Similarly, this plant doesn't need lots of fertilizer. A once month application of diluted liquid fertilizer is enough throughout the growing season. So I researched some review related to this plant and the result really shocked me. Without saying a doubt, this plant is really good for outdoor or indoor decoration.

here are some reviews that we've gathered so far earlier 2019..

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